DWI, Vehicle and Traffic Law in Syracuse, NY

When you are charged with DWI and DWAI offenses you face serious consequences that can include:
DWI - DWI Lawyer in Syracuse, NY
  • The loss of your driver's license
  • A jail sentence
  • Court ordered probation
  • Substantial court fines and surcharges
  • A criminal record
  • Department of Motor Vehicles administrative and civil penalties
  • Mandatory attendance at long DWI programs
  • An order of restitution and/or
  • Negative effects on your employment
Even as a first time offender or as a young offender, these consequences are very serious. The “Zero Tolerance Laws” have an even more significant effect on drivers under the age of 21. Oftentimes, these offenders underestimate the effect of what they mistakenly believe are minor traffic offenses.
As a qualified and experienced firm handling DWI/DWAI and related vehicle and traffic offenses we can represent you and work to lessen the severity of the consequences of these charges whether you are a young driver, a first time offender or someone with prior contact with the criminal justice system. We can also assist you if you are facing a license suspension related to child support obligations.
Here at Kall and Reilly, LLP we have attorneys experienced in effectively addressing the complex and myriad issues surrounding DWI/DWAI and traffic related cases. As a former Assistant District Attorney, Laura Estela Cardona, Esq., prosecuted many matters including cases involving alcohol related and drug related offenses. We, therefore, understand the prosecution strategies that affect the successful defense of all types of DWI/DWAI cases, as well as all other traffic and vehicles cases.
Whether you are accused of a DWI, DWAI or any other traffic related offense whether at the level of a felony, misdemeanor or violation, we at Kall and Reilly, LLP can represent you and can help you minimize the consequences. We offer a free consultation.