Collaborative Law in Syracuse, NY

Collaborative Law
Kall and Reilly, LLP is specifically trained in Collaborative Law, and offers you the option of resolving your divorce or family court matter through the Collaborative Law process. Collaborative Law is relatively new to this area. Collaborative Law is a structured process that provides an alternative to Court. Typically, attorneys and clients meet in joint conferences to disclose, negotiate and resolve issues. In fact, the lawyers and clients work as a team, and sign an agreement that if the process is unsuccessful in rendering a settlement, the attorneys will withdraw from the case and assist the client in transitioning to other attorneys to take the matter to Court. The goal is to settle out of Court and most importantly provide the client with control over the outcome and settlement. Collaborative Law is about the parties deciding the best interest for their children rather than a judge deciding what is fair. Independent financial advisors and other professionals are available to assist in the process. The parties make an agreement to resolve their issues without going to court. Collaborative Law trained attorneys guide their clients through the process with the assistance of other professionals. Successful families are able to decide issues themselves rather than have the court decide.
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Collaborative Law may be less stressful on the parties. Couples with children can gain practice in making decisions regarding their children with the assistance of trained professionals. The parties may become more cooperative and less adversarial when they come to an agreement rather than having a decision forced upon them. It may be a quicker and cheaper resolution.
You may know many people who have had a difficult divorce. Collaborative Law may be the way to avoid a difficult divorce. Contact Kall and Reilly, LLP to set up a consultation, rather than leaving their issues in the hands of the court.